Investment Banker discusses sell-side process

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In this episode of Middle Market Dojo, Jack and I had the pleasure of interviewing R. Walker French, an experienced investment banker, on the topic of the sell-side process. Our discussion covered a range of important aspects that a seller should consider when preparing to sell their business.

One of the key points we explored was the difference between a business broker and an M&A advisor. Walker shared his insights on the expertise and value that an M&A advisor can provide, particularly for lower middle market businesses that have more complex needs than smaller businesses that may be better suited for a business broker.

We also delved into the process a seller may go through when engaging with an M&A advisor, including the initial evaluation of the business, the development of a comprehensive marketing plan, and the different stages of negotiation with potential buyers.

Walker shared his insights on the different types of buyers that an M&A advisor may have access to, from strategic buyers to private equity firms. We discussed how an M&A advisor can help identify the most appropriate buyers for a particular business and ensure that they are qualified and have the financial capacity to complete the transaction.

Marketing and selling a business can be a complex process, and Walker shared his thoughts on the different ways that an M&A advisor can potentially market and sell a business, from direct outreach to a targeted list of potential buyers to leveraging online marketplaces and other resources.

Overall, this interview provides valuable insights for any business owner who may be considering a sale in the future, and highlights the important role that an experienced M&A advisor can play in ensuring a successful transaction.

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